Update June, 2011

Operable Unit 1: Operations, Maintenance and Monitoring
Activities Continue

Operable Unit 2: Design Activities Continue
Operable Unit 1 (40 Willow Avenue)

Field activities initiated in December 2009 to study the removal of coal tar from deeper levels within the containment barrier continued through June 2011.  Operations and maintenance (O&M) activities initiated in October 2010 with the installation of three additional shallow recovery wells for pumping the containment cell continued in June.
On-going activities:

  • Continued O&M measures on the cap (maintenance and inspection).

Recently Completed Activities:

  • Collected ground water level and non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) measurements at wells throughout OU-1 and vicinity to optimize future O&M activities.
  • Pumped water from the OU-1 containment cell as part of O&M
  • Collected a groundwater sample at the Lynhurst Avenue property to monitor concentrations following completion of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC)/ New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH)-approved interim remedial measure (IRM).
  • Conducted general housekeeping activities at the Site (OU-1 and OU-2).

Future near-term activities:

  • Continue maintenance and inspection of the OU-1 containment cell concrete cap.
  • Complete O&M repairs to OU-1 concrete pad and sheet piles.
  • Continue the collection of water level measurements from monitoring wells throughout OU-1 and vicinity.
  • Prepare the NAPL recovery pilot test report.
  • Complete periodic pumping of OU-1 containment cell as part of O&M
  • Collect a groundwater sample at the Lynhurst Avenue property to monitor concentrations following the IRM. 

Operable Unit 2 (25 Willow Avenue)

OU-2 is the site of the former manufactured gas plant that previously operated at 25 Willow Avenue and was closed in 1957.  There also are two off-site areas with MGP residuals that are located adjacent to the OU-2 Site at 89 Willow Avenue and across Bay Street at 1 Edgewater Street.  The remedial design activities have progressed with the ongoing preparation of the submittal of the 100% Design Specifications and Drawings to NYSDEC and NYSDOH.
On-going activities:

  • Continue OU-2 remedial design activities and preparation of the 100% Design Specifications and Drawings.

Recently completed activities:

  • Obtained approval from NYSDEC for the OU-2 wastewater treatment plant discharge to be located at 40 Willow Avenue.
  • Submitted a storm sewer replacement permit application to New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP) for temporary diversion and installation of a replacement storm sewer within OU-2 remediation limits.
  • Completed a survey of the shoreline adjacent to 1 Edgewater Street.

Future near-term activities:

  • Complete the OU-2 100% Remedial Design Specifications and Drawings for solicitation of bids from qualified contractors.
  • Conduct NYSDEC/NYSDOH-approved Preliminary Design Investigation (PDI) activities on the offsite property located between Edgewater Street, Bay Street, and Camden Street and at the 89 Willow Avenue property.
  • Continue dialogue with NYCDEP to obtain temporary diversion permit during remediation and to rebuild sewer after remediation.
  • Continue discussions with NYCT Staten Island Railway for National Grid to perform construction activities related to the remediation adjacent to commuter line. 

Community Air Monitoring Plan Summary
Operable Unit 1 (40 Willow Avenue)
A Community Air Monitoring Plan (CAMP) is implemented when intrusive activities are performed at Operable Unit 1.  There were no activities at OU-1 during June that required CAMP monitoring.  Copies of previous weekly CAMP reports and other site documents for OU-1 are stored at the two public document repositories for the project.

Operable Unit 2 (25 Willow Avenue)
CAMP is implemented in support of the PDI activities at the OU-2 properties during intrusive work.  There were no intrusive activities at OU-2 during June that required CAMP monitoring.

Community Board 1
One Edgewater Plaza
Room 311
Staten Island, NY 10305
Phone #: (718) 981-6900
Borough President’s Office
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Staten Island, New York 10301
Phone #: (718) 816-2057

If you have any questions or comments about the work on the site, please use the OU-1/ OU-2 Site Telephone Hotline at 718-982-7349.