Update March 09, 2012

Operable Unit 2:
Remedial Contractor Continues Mobilization for Site Remediation

Operable Unit 1:
Operations, Maintenance and Monitoring Activities Continue

Construction of Water Treatment Plant

Operable Unit 2 (25 Willow Avenue)
Operable Unit 2 (OU-2) is the site of the former manufactured gas plant that previously operated at 25 Willow Avenue and was closed in 1957. There are two off-site areas with MGP residuals that are located adjacent to the OU-2 Site at 89 Willow Avenue and between Edgewater Street and Bay Street at 1 Edgewater Street. Activities have progressed with the mobilization of the remedial contractor to OU-2 and the initiation of the Community Air Monitoring Plan (CAMP) activities.

On-going activities:

  • Site preparation activities at the support area at 40 Willow Avenue included ongoing construction of the Water Treatment Plant and installation of containment and soil and sediment erosion controls. See photographs.
  • Site preparation activities at areas to be remediated at the 25 and 89 Willow Avenue properties included removal of old fencing and light poles, positioning jersey barriers, fencing and wood panels for the sound attenuated barrier to surround the property during remediation (see photograph), installation of soil and sediment erosion controls, and interior preparation for the demolition of the warehouse building.
  • Assembly of the Temporary Fabric Structure (TFS) air handling and filtration (odor and vapor control) system. Remediation (excavation of impacted soils) will be conducted under the TFS.
  • General housekeeping activities at the Site.
Filling the Wastewater Treatment Plant Filter Vessel with Filter Media

Recently completed activities:

  • Assembly of the TFS. See photograph.
Future near-term activities:
  • Complete the baseline surveys for noise, vibration and settlement in preparation for remedial construction activities for OU-2.
  • Complete mobilization activities including construction of the WTP at 40 Willow Avenue.
  • Complete assembly of the sound attenuated barrier and fencing around the OU-2 Site (25 and 89 Willow Avenue).
  • Complete the Level A Subsurface Utility Investigation at the OU-2 Site.
  • Complete interior preparation activities for demolition of the warehouse building.
Construction of Temporary Fabric Structure

Operable Unit 1 (40 Willow Avenue)

Operable Unit 1 (OU-1) is the portion of the site at 40 Willow Avenue where the holder was located that was remediated in 2009 with the installation of a containment barrier wall. OU-1 is now under Operation & Maintenance (O&M) to monitor the effectiveness of the barrier wall remedy and remove as much as practical of the coal tar residuals remaining within the barrier wall. Field activities to study removal of coal tar from deeper levels within the containment barrier continued through February 2012. O&M activities to pump contaminated water from the recovery wells also continue.

On-going activities:

O&M activities on the containment barrier (maintenance and inspection).

  • Pumping of water from OU-1 containment cell.
  • General housekeeping activities at the Site.

Recently Completed Activities:

  • Collected a groundwater sample at a Lynhurst Avenue property to monitor concentrations following an interim remedial measure (IRM).
    Future near-term activities:
  • Collect water level measurements from monitoring wells throughout OU-1 and vicinity.
  • Collect another groundwater sample at a Lynhurst Avenue property to monitor concentrations following the IRM.
Construction of sound attenuation barrier and fencing

Community Air Monitoring Plan Summary

Operable Unit 1 (40 Willow Avenue)

A CAMP is implemented when intrusive activities are performed at Operable Unit 1. There were no intrusive activities at OU-1 during this period. Copies of previous CAMP reports and other site documents for OU-1 are stored at the two public document repositories for the project.

Operable Unit 2 (25 Willow Avenue)

Community air monitoring was initiated in February to support the Level A SUI activities involving small test pit excavations at 25 Willow Avenue to identify subsurface utilities. CAMP monitoring continues for the OU-2 activities, and there were no exceedances of action levels during this period.

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If you have any questions or comments about the work on the site, please use the OU-1/ OU-2 Site Telephone Hotline at 718-982-7349.