Update Week Ending April 27, 2012

Remedial Contractor Continues Mobilization
and Site Preparation for Remediation

Installation of wastewater effluent line.

On-going activities:

  • Continued pre-clearance trenching (shallow excavation) along Willow Avenue and Bay Street along the alignment of the barrier wall to be installed. Odor suppression foam was applied throughout pre-clearance trenching to the excavated areas and materials to prevent odors from emanating from the site. Applied water to prevent the formation of dust.
  • Site activities at the support area at 40 Willow Avenue included testing the Water Treatment Plant in preparation for start-up and excavation and installation of the WTP effluent discharge line into the Willow Avenue storm water pipe.
  • Site activities at areas to be remediated at the 25 and 89 Willow Avenue properties including excavation for the installation of sleeves for the installation of dewatering well points, maintenance of soil and sediment erosion controls, and utilities abandonment (water and sewer) prior to the demolition of the warehouse building.
  • General housekeeping activities at the Site.

Recently completed activities:

  • Completed utilities abandonment (water and sewer) from the warehouse building in preparation for demolition.

Future near-term activities:

  • Complete the installation of the WTP effluent (treated water) discharge line into the Willow Avenue storm water pipe.
  • Complete the baseline surveys for noise, vibration and settlement in preparation for remedial construction activities.
  • Initiate the installation of well points for dewatering areas of the site to be excavated.
  • Initiate demolition of the warehouse building.
  • Initiate shallow excavation at 89 Willow Avenue.
  • Mobilize the concrete-bentonite wall contractor to the site for construction of the batch plant.

Community Air Monitoring Plan Summary

Community air monitoring was initiated in February 2012 to support the Level A SUI activities involving small test pit excavations at 25 Willow Avenue to identify subsurface utilities. CAMP monitoring continues for the OU-2 activities, and there were no exceedences of action levels during this period.

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If you have any questions or comments about the work on the site, please use the OU-1/ OU-2 Site Telephone Hotline at 718-982-7349.