Update Week Ending September 28, 2012

Remedial Contractor Continues Site Remediation

Systematic Excavation and Backfill Continues Beneath the Temporary Fabric Structure

On-going activities:

  • Continued systematic excavation beneath the temporary fabric structure (TFS), load out, and transportation of the material in lined, covered trucks for proper disposal.
  • Continued backfilling excavated areas of the Site with clean backfill.
  • Continued the excavation and backfill of shallow excavation areas of the Site along Willow Avenue and Bay Street.
  • Continued the use of the clean sand from beneath the one-story building slab and foundation for reuse as backfill beneath TFS position #6.
  • Continued the use of an odor suppressant misting system on the perimeter fence and TFS doors and applied odor suppressant liquid, foam, and plastic sheeting to prevent odors from leaving the Site.
  • Continued the application of water throughout the Site to prevent the formation of dust.
  • Continued maintenance of erosion and sediment controls throughout the Site.
  • Continued general housekeeping activities at the Site.
  • Continued monitoring for noise, vibration, and settlement on Site and on neighboring properties.
  • Continued treating ground water (removed to support excavation) and treated and discharged from the treatment plant.

Recently completed activities:

  • Completed excavation of impacted material beneath TFS position #6.
  • Completed backfilling beneath TFS position #6

Future near-term activities:

  • Relocate the TFS eastward to position #7 and begin excavation, loadout and transportation of impacted material for proper disposal.
  • Initiate backfilling beneath TFS position #7.
  • Complete the excavation and backfilling of shallow excavation areas at the western areas of the Site.
  • Complete the excavation and backfilling of shallow excavation areas at the northern areas of the Site.
  • Complete the excavation and backfilling of shallow excavation areas along Willow Avenue and Bay Street.

Community Air Monitoring Plan Summary

Community air monitoring, initiated in February 2012, continues as intrusive activities are conducted by the remediation contractor at OU-2.

There was a one-time, 15-minute period of elevated levels of total volatile organic compound (TVOC) above the action level at the eastern area of the Site due to surveyors spray painting in the area. There was also a one-time 15-minute period of elevated levels of TVOCs above the action level at the southern area during shallow excavation, during which the area was immediately covered with suppressant foam and plastic sheeting, and the TVOC levels immediately dropped below the alert level. No other action levels were exceeded during this week. The alert level is designed to notify the site managers that site operations may be contributing to elevated levels. These alert levels are set well below the permissible exposure limits to allow the site workers ample opportunity to change operations and mitigate vapors or dust emissions before these emissions reach levels of concern. This is an integral design in the air monitoring system we provide for the safety of our workers and the community.


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