Clifton, Staten Island Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) Site

Site Activities Update - July 2015

National Grid and its contractors are conducting site maintenance activities at the site beginning July 27, 2015 through mid-August 2015.  These activities will include installing a NYSDEC-approved groundwater treatment system.  The OU-1 Containment Pad Depressurization System Installation and Start-up Work Plan (August 1, 2014) and NYSDEC approval letter (November 5, 2014) are located on the Key Documents - Major Reports OU-1 tab.  

National Grid's contractor will conduct air monitoring during the upcoming work, using the Community Air Montioring Program (CAMP) from the OU-2 Remediation.  (See the Community Air Monitoring Plan on the Key Documents - Major Reports OU-2 tab.)  National Grid is committed to protecting the public, and workers and contractors, during work at the Site.  National Grid's monitoring and work is managed with approval and oversight from the NYSDEC and the New York State Department of Health.

National Grid maintains a telephone hotline for the site, 718-982-7349, for any questions or comments from the community.

National Grid and its contractors have been and continue to conduct operation, maintenance, and monitoring activities at the Site.  See below under "On-going Operation, Maintenance, & Monitoring Activities" for further description.  Two interim status reports for OM&M activties have been prepared and submitted to NYSDEC, dated July 25, 2014 and February 17, 2015.  These two reports are located on the Key Documents - OM&M Reports tab.

Remediation Work Update – July 2015

National Grid completed the remediation work at the former Clifton MGP site. The NYSDEC and the NYSDOH have approved the Construction Completion Report for the 25 Willow Avenue, 40 Willow Avenue, and 89 Willow Avenue properties.  National Grid has submitted a Draft Site Management Plan and Draft Final Engineering Report for the former Clifton MGP Site to the NYSDEC. The Site Management Plan, once finalized and approved by the NYSDEC and the NYSDOH, will be implemented on the National Grid properties and off-site areas as called for within the document.

On-going Operation, Maintenance & Monitoring Activities

The remediation work has been completed at the former Clifton MGP site.  Post-remediation work includes establishing and conducting Operation, Maintenance & Monitoring (OM&M) programs.   The OM&M programs at the Former Clifton MGP Site include:  

  • Recovery of Dense Non-aqueous Phase Liquid (DNAPL);
  • Groundwater Extraction at 40 Willow Avenue; and
  • Groundwater Sampling.

OM&M activities are required by the NYSDEC and the NYSDOH as documented in the Site Management Plan.

You may see work being completed at the former Clifton MGP site in order to implement and maintain these OM&M programs.

Projected Activities

National Grid will implement the OM&M programs until otherwise directed by the NYSDEC and the NYSDOH.

Website Updates

Periodically, National Grid will provide activity updates for the neighbors of the Former Clifton MGP Site. These updates will primarily consist of the addition of new Operations, Maintenance, and Monitoring (OM&M) Reports to this website. The updates will describe work that has been done since the completion of the remediation work. The Key Documents section of this website will include the past website Weekly Updates and the reports related to the remediation work.